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  • Infection and AllergiesHelps to Boost Brain, Eye & Nerve Function
  • Infection and AllergiesHelps Boost Overall Immunity
  • Infection and AllergiesHeIps to Improve Overall Heart Health
  • Infection and AllergiesHelps to Promote Liver Health





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How Does lt Help Keep Me Healthy?

Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are vital for your body’s optimal function and metabolism. They help support heart, brain, kidney and liver health. Vitamins D and K further help support bone and teeth health while Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant. An excellent all-round nutritional supplement.

Highly standardized extraction process is used to extract fish oil at a high concentration of DHA and EPA. Contains added natural lemon flavor making it free from fishy burps


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  • Halal Certified Halal Certified
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Know More About OMEGA-3 TRIPLE

Omega-3 fatty acids are natural extracts derived from sardinella longiceps, providing the human body with long-chain PUFAs, including EPA and DHA.
• Are essential for cell building in brain, retina, nerves and spermatozoa
• May Help Effectively combat arthritis, minimise heart problems and improve visual acuity.
• Are incorporated into the bilayer phospholipid cell membranes which ensures the strength, integrity and fluidity of the cell membranes
• May Help Decrease cardiovascular incidents and their severity and lowers mortality by 30%
• May Help Reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis

We recommend taking 2 soft gels per day immediately before food.

Yes. All you have to do is subscribe and we’ll ship you a bottle every month!

Yes, just select the gifting option and we’ll send it to them with a special note from you!

Does it cause any side effects?
Omega-3 Triple does not typically cause any side effects.
Please consult your healthcare practitioner before using the supplement if you are pregnant, taking any medications or facing any health conditions.

Is Omega-3 Triple safe?
Omega 3 Triple is safe in terms of microbiological parameters, heavy metals, pesticide residues, dioxins and PCB which is usually found in raw fish oil and fish.

Where do you get omega-3 fatty acids from?
They are obtained from sea food. Sardine is believed to be the best source of omega-3 fatty acids.

What are the main omega-3 fatty acids?
There are three different types of omega-3 fatty acids. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) are key omega-3 fatty acids which are both found primarily in oily, cold-water fish. The third Omega-3, called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), is found primarily in dark green leafy vegetables, flaxseed oil and certain vegetable oils.

Which one is good for my body – EPA, DHA or ALA?
ALA, EPA and DHA are all essential fatty acids and should be a part of a healthy diet.
Each omega-3 fatty acid has a unique and vital function.
• ALA is the basic form of energy for the body.
• EPA is an anti-inflammatory agent.
• DHA is a component for proper brain function.

When should I expect to see results?
Every individual is different so the speed of results may vary. But you can usually see results after 3-6 weeks if you take the recommended dose regularly.

What should I do if I miss a dose?
Don’t worry, just take the dose when you realise you’ve missed it! However, if the time is close to your next dose, then continue with your usual regimen.

What other directions should I follow?
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not exceed daily recommended dose.

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