Powered by active nature to be at peak health

Arjuna Natural: Legacy that leads to quality

Curegarden is a subsidiary of Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of standardized botanical extracts for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry for over two decades. Finding wide acceptance in international markets of the US, Europe, Middle, and the Far East, Curegarden works at the frontiers of botanical science. The company specializes in products containing superior ingredients that are sourced from clean and green sources all across India. At a time when extracting bio-active compounds was not undertaken in India, Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd forged ahead, way ahead of its time, creating natural products of high quality focused on family health and wellbeing.

Powered by active nature to be at peak health


Harnessing Active Nature For Peak Health

For us, Curegarden represents a dream. The dream of a healthier and happier life achieved through the best of nature. And we’re making this dream a reality with our range of bioactive supplements that nourish the mind, body and soul. Because we believe botanicals offer a brilliantly effective approach for improving quality of life.


Powered By Nature, Driven By Science

Discover the harmony that comes with natural products that actually work! We’ve crafted formulas fortified with active botanicals that not only improve general health, but specific conditions as well. This is made possible by our unique strength of being a subsidiary of Arjuna Natural Ltd, India's leading manufacturer and exporter of standardised botanical extracts for over 30 years.

Cure Garden

Chances are that I’m missing essential nutrients through the food I eat.

Cure Garden

Curegarden’s natural supplements can help me overcome this challenge.

Cure Garden

I get the ultimate benefit of a longer and healthier life with my loved ones!


Gentle Methods With Strictest Standards

Our potent and safe supplements are the result of decades of scientific and clinical research. We use world-class technology to unlock the full potential of botanicals and create innovative products that defy expectations. This is made possible by our strong ties with Arjuna Natural that ensure we’re always at the frontiers of botanical science.


Incredible Ingredients For A Healthy Life

We’ve left no stone unturned to forge relationships with suppliers across the country who are as committed to quality as we are. Every ingredient we use is sourced sustainably in a way that supports our trusted famers and the environment.

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An Unconditional Commitment To Good Health

Our products set the highest standards for safety and efficacy for botanicals in the world. They have consistently delivered effective results, successfully improving the health and well-being of thousands till date.


Introducing The Keepers Of Curegarden

Our team is made of diverse and dedicated experts. They’re passionate about creating ground-breaking supplements that have a positive impact on people's health and lives.

Antony Kunjachan Antony Kunjachan

Executive Director

Dr. Binu T Kuruvilla Dr. Binu T Kuruvilla

Deputy General Manager R&D

Dr. Merina Benny Antony Dr. Merina Benny Antony

General Manager QA & R&D

Dr. Benny Antony Dr. Benny Antony

Jt. Managing Director

P.J. Kunjachan P.J. Kunjachan

Chairman & Managing Director


Awards for safekeeping health

Most Health Supplements Have Ingredients Which Is Already In The Food That Is Consumed. These Are Nutrients You Need, In Bioavailable Forms Your Body Can Actually Use.

MSME Award

MSME Award

Chairman & Managing Director Mr. P. J Kunjachan receives  Directorate of Industries…

Thiruvananthapuram , Dec 06, 2020

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Corporate Excellence Award

Corporate Excellence Award

Dr. Benny Antony, Joint Managing Director Director- receives 'Excellence Award' from Hon'ble…

Ernakulam , Dec 06, 2020

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Indian Exporters’ Excellence Awards

Indian Exporters’ Excellence Awards

Yet another proud moment for us at Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd (…

Ernakulam , Dec 06, 2020

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