Joint Rescue

Natural Joint Health Rejuvenator

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  • Infection and AllergiesBoosts Bone Integrity
  • Infection and AllergiesImproves Joint Mobility
  • Infection and AllergiesSupports Joint Health



A 60-Capsule Bottle Delivered Every Month


Includes A Bottle Of 60 Capsules

How Does lt Help Improve My Joint Health?

Joint Rescue combines the goodness of curcumin (the bioactive in turmeric) and active Boswellia extracts to create a powerful formula that revives the joints! It provides long-lasting pain relief, greater joint flexibility, reduces muscle stiffness while also giving cartilage support. Turmeric and Boswellia extracts are powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients which reduces inflammation in effected areas. Each of the ingredients act on distinct known pain pathways to help manage my pain.

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Joint Rescue’s incredible benefits make it the go-to solution for many!

Know More About Joint Rescue

Joint Rescue combines the goodness of boswellia and turmeric in its purest and most bio-active form. It is made using:
• BCM-95®: The world’s most researched bio-available curcumin (the active component of turmeric)
• Boswellia serrata : An anti-inflammatory agent used as a natural remedy for arthritis (particularly rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis and osteoarthritis) in India since 600 BC.

Curcumin is one of nature’s most noteworthy immunity enhancers due to its exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It:
• Helps rebuild worn cartilage, restoring the joints to their youthful flexibility; thereby providing relief from knee pain and other forms of joint pain.
• Is a potent antioxidant that helps repair the oxidative damage caused by inflammation. Thus, it has the potential to act as a natural relief for arthritis.
• Increases the detoxifying enzymes and promote healthy DNA function.
• It inhibits the inflammation causing enzyme called COX-2, but does not affect the levels of the beneficial COX-1 which protects the lining of the digestive tract and blood vessels. Since inflammation causes pain, if inflammation is reduced, so is the associated pain.

Boswellia serrate produces mainly six boswellic acids, of which AKBA is most potent. It helps:
• Alleviate joint pain
• Increase joint mobility

Joint Rescue’s unique formula gives it an extra edge. It combines ingredients with multiple mechanisms of action to:
• Support a healthy inflammation response
• Relieve joint and muscle pain
• Relieve pain in the knees, back and neck
The botanicals — curcumin and boswellia also support healthy anti-inflammatory pathways.
This is why Joint Rescue is one of the leading joint care capsules available for sale online.

BCM-95®’s safety is backed by over 68 clinical studies. In fact, it is validated by the most extensive study done for any bio-available curcumin using both in vivo and in-vitro models as per OECD guidelines.

We recommend taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night after having your food.

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Does it cause any side effects?
Joint Rescue does not typically cause any side effects.
Please consult your healthcare practitioner before using the supplement if you are pregnant, taking any medications or facing any health conditions.

Can I take Joint Rescue with other products and medication for joint health?
Yes, you can. It contains natural botanical extracts, and is totally safe, with no negative side effects.

When should I expect to see results?
Every individual is different so the speed of results may vary. But you can usually see results after 3-6 weeks if you take the recommended dose regularly.

What should I do if I miss a dose?
Don’t worry, just take the dose when you realise you’ve missed it! However, if the time is close to your next dose, then continue with your usual regimen.

What other directions should I follow?
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not exceed daily recommended dose.

Serving Size:
500 mg capsule contains:
Carbohydrate: 10.5 mg
Protein: 4.8 mg
Fat: 15.6 mg
Energy Value (Kcal/ capsule) 0.2

Each 500 mg capsule contains purified turmeric extract BCM-95 (CurcugreenTM): 250 mg and Boswellia extract: 250 mg

Shell Ingredients:
Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (INS 164), carrageenan (INS 407), potassium acetate (INS 261), purified water.

Transforming Lives, One Innovative Supplement At A Time

Inflammation & Joint Pains Issue Solved

It has worked very well for my knee problems. I had pain and inflammation on my knees and joint pain across my other joints leading to stiff joints in the morning. Once I started using Joint Rescue I could feel a marked difference, feeling extremely relieved and my movements became very normal.

Sateesh Iddum, Hyderabad, Telangana

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