Mr. P.J Kunjachan, the Chairman & Managing Director of Arjuna Natural Pvt Ltd (parent company of Curegarden), is a leading light and pioneer in the Industry. A self taught entrepreneur , from humble beginnings, one of his initial ventures was as an independent organic fertilizer manufacturer by starting “Arjuna Fertilizer Industries” in Coimbatore. In the year 1989, he launched ‘Arjuna Aromatics’, a brand that produced and marketed essential oil of mustard across the world , the first in India and second in the world. He made a mark on the ‘Health Food’ sector by focusing on producing natural extracts from plants and marine sources.

Today he leads ‘Arjuna Group of Companies’ a business conglomerate that owns many international patents and also producing the world’s largest selling bio-available turmeric extract. Arjuna has a customer base over 64 countries and has R& D tie-ups with universities of Australia, US and Japan. He is a recipient of many national awards including the award for successful commercialization of the indigenous technology-based product in 2005. He has also served as the Vice-Chairman of Spices Board. A visionary, an achiever and a mentor, Mr P.J. Kunjachan dons many hats and continues to believe that he has got a long way to go before he unravels the secrets of nature.