Maintain My Gut Ecosystem

My body is home to millions of good bacteria that are essential to my health. Having a strong gut ecosystem is not only important for digestion, but for my overall well-being.

Take a deep breath

What is the gut microbiome?

The gut microbiome refers specifically to the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi etc.) that live in my gastrointestinal tract. An individual can have up to 1,000 different species of bacteria in their body. Healthy people generally have a more diverse range of microorganisms in their digestive system.

While some bacteria are harmful to my health, many are incredibly beneficial and even necessary for good health.

Why is gut health important?

Gut health is crucial for my health because it has been linked to many benefits. A healthy gut can:
• Enhance my immune system
• Improve symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Prevent digestive issues like bloating, irregular bowel movement etc.
• Improve brain and heart health

In fact, scientists are still scratching the surface when it comes to understanding the role gut microbiome plays.

Why is my making my gut health weak?

The gut microbiome is a complex system that is easilly affected by many factors. Some of these which can lead to poor gut health include:
• An unhealthy diet
• High levels of stress
• Extremely limited exposure to bacteria and germs
• Lack of sleep

How can I tell if my gut health is poor?

My gut health is probably weak if I experience the below symptoms:
• Stomach issues like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and heartburn
• Skin irritation
• Unintentional weight changes
• Mood changes
• Allergies

Anxiety and stress affects everyone. And it is normal and natural feeling.

I Can’t Ignore My Gut Immunity

If I want to live a healthy and happy life then I need to take charge of my gut health. With the right supplements, I can improve my body’s gut microbiome.

Especially since scientists are still discovering new ways of how it affects my physical and mental health.

The Gooseberry Magic!
Benefits Of Foods With Probiotics

We all have heard of bacteria. We know that they are micro-organisms that grow and multiply to cause diseases. But how many of us know that just like the two sides of a coin, besides the bad bacteria, there are good bacteria as well?


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