Balance From Within

Life is but a balancing act and that balance starts with my mind and body. But unregulated blood sugar level can throw off my health completely. It’s why it needs special care.

Take a deep breath

What is blood sugar? Why is it important?

Blood sugar, or glucose, is the main sugar found in my blood and comes from the food I eat. It’s essential because it is my body’s main source of energy. The glucose is transported to all the cells of my body’s by blood. Whereas blood sugar level refers to the concerntration of glucose in my blood. They are controlled mainly by two hormones:
• Insulin
• Glucogen

An imbalance in the blood sugar can cause many serious health problems, the most common being diabetes.

Why is my my blood sugar imbalanced?

My blood sugar level is influenced by many factors. It can be too low (hypoglycemia) or too high (hyperglycemia). Low blood sugar can be caused by:
• Not eating enough sugar and carbohydrates
• Drinking too much alcohol
• Certain medications
• Kidney problems High blood sugar can be caused by:
• Diabetes
• A diet extremely rich in sugar and carbohydrates
• Lack of exercise

How can I tell if blood sugar is off balance?

My blood sugar levels can be imbalanced due to many reasons. Signs of high blood sugar include frequent urination, fatigue, dry or itchy skin, feeling thirsty, craving eating more food etc. Signs of low blood sugar include feeling shaky or nervous, sweating, chills, irritability, confusion, fast heartbeat, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, hunger and more.

I Can’t Risk Relying On Luck For My Blood Sugar

If I want to live without unwelcome interruptions caused by changing blood sugar levels, then I need to find a way to manage them effectively. And natural supplements could be the answer.

Especially since blood sugar related illnesses like diabetes are becoming a rampant health problem.

The Gooseberry Magic!

Diabetes is not a life sentence of deprivation. It is a condition that is manageable by making healthier choices and bringing in a few lifestyle changes. The best way to heal the body is by consuming healing foods. Below are a few foods that can help manage diabetes and lead a healthier life.


Curegarden products are recommended for people who wish to improve or maintain their health and quality of life naturally.

No, Curegarden products don’t typically cause side effects. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement; especially if pregnant, taking any medications or facing any health conditions.

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Every individual is different so the speed of results may vary. But I should see results after 3-6 weeks if I take the recommended dose regularly as advised.

I shouldn’t worry and just take the dose as advised when I realise I’ve missed it! However, if the time is close to my next dose, then I should continue with my usual regimen.

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