Why nutraceuticals are a lot more effective than traditional herbal remedies.

With our expertise garnered from years of clinical studies of natural ingredients and formulations, Curegarden brings to you a wide range of botanical products and supplements, which are obtained from the extraction of bioactive compounds. Each herb is specifically extracted to procure its most active compounds, so as to ensure the quality of the extract. This is further blended with precision to create therapeutic formulations. Scientific and clinical research backs the efficacy of our products, which are protected by registrations and patents.


Owing to collective knowledge passed down over the years, the health benefits of certain herbs are universally known. However, we at Curegarden have gone a step ahead and identified the active component present in the herb, which lends it therapeutic benefits. Our state of the art physical processes gently releases the natural extracts from medicinal leaves, flowers, bark , roots, seeds and fruits, resulting in high quality ingredients for the extract to be produced with optimized active properties. This process guarantees high quality, ensuring that our customers gain maximum health benefits from our products.