Curegarden embodies an assurance, of botanical products and supplements of the highest quality, manufactured using clinically studied ingredients and formulas. With intensive R&D and quality management, Curegarden is able to bring out the best of botanical product innovation for therapeutic purposes. We provide you optimal efficacy, by using strict therapeutic levels of all nutrients during the combination process. Furthermore, we employ a stringent sourcing mechanism for procuring raw materials and adhere to certified standard analysis.

 Strict analytical measures that we maintain during the manufacturing process secure the consistency and potency of the active constituents of each herb selected, which then undergoes a gentle extraction process. Curegarden utilizes state of the art equipment, such as HPTLC (to standardize each ingredient for the bioactive component), Headspace GC (to warrant that no traces of residual solvents are present) and ICP-MS (to ensure the absence of heavy metal contamination in each product).


Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd, our parent company, is ISO 22000 and GMO certified, with in house R&D approved by the Government of India. Our products are guaranteed to ensure customer satisfaction, providing natural and safe extracts of active compounds that can help you attain a healthier lifestyle.