1. Is cholesterols necessary for a healthy life?

A myth about cholesterol is that the healthiest cholesterol level you can have is zero. If people didn’t have any cholesterol, they’d die—and so would the human species. Men wouldn’t produce testosterone without it, women wouldn’t produce estrogen, and without those, humans wouldn’t produce the next generation.

2. What are the functions of Cholesterol?

• It helps make the outer coating of cells.(Plasma Membrane)
• It makes up the bile acids that work to digest food in the intestine.
• It allows the body to make Vitamin D and hormones, like estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

3. What is bad about Cholesterol?

What is bad is having too much and carrying it in the LDL particles, which are most prone
to depositing it in the wrong places, such as your artery walls, the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to your heart and brain. The accumulation of LDL causes a narrowing and instability in the artery walls, which ultimately can lead to heart attacks and strokes

4. Does our body synthesis Cholesterol?

Most of the cholesterol that travels in your blood is actually made by your liver

5. Does Cholesterols from food elevates cholesterol levels in the body?

Only a minority of it comes from cholesterol in the food you eat. Certain fats in your diet besides cholesterol—particularly saturated fats and trans fats—cause the liver to make unhealthy amounts of cholesterol. Indeed, the saturated fats and trans fats in your diet do more to raise your cholesterol than does the cholesterol in the food you eat.

6. What is CoQ10

This vitamin-like substance is found in every cell in the body but is most prevalent in tissues with high energy demands, such as the muscles of the heart.