faq omega flax

1. How is it different from the omega3 fatty acids of fish oil?

This is vegetarian source of omega3 fatty acids and also contain fibers

2. What are the functions of essential fatty acids?

Essential fatty acids have many functions throughout the body. They are involved in energy production, brain function, improves vision. EFAs are required for healthy skin and hair, and are required for normal nail growth.

3. How does it help weight loss?

Omega-6 slightly and omega-3 more effectively help reduce fat production in the body. They also increase fat burning and heat production in the body, and change the body from burning glucose to burning fats. Saturated, monounsaturated, and trans- fatty acids do not help to manage weight.

4. How does it reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Omega-3 can decrease most CVD risk factors, including high triglycerides blood pressure, platelet stickiness, fibrinogen, and lipoprotein(a). Omega-3 also keep the inside of our arteries smooth. Omega-3 and omega-6 keep the heart beat regular.

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