Take care of Immunity

The immune system is the body’s network of cells and organs that is specially developed to fight infection. As we age, a balanced inflammatory and immune response becomes critical to defending our health. A number of biological factors contribute to the body’s normal inflammatory activity, including cell-signalling hormone-like messengers and chemicals.

Nutritional and dietary supplements stimulate immune response and may result in fewer infections, particularly in elderly and malnourished individuals. The extracts of some botanical-based products have been shown to enhance the immune function, and indicate a popular growing trend.


Symptoms of a compromised immune system include chronic infection, inflammation, frequent colds, respiratory problems, swollen lymph glands, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, food allergies, and depression. A person with decreased immunity is at an increased risk for infections and illnesses. A balanced diet complemented by nutritive supplements, restful sleep, and exercise are the main requirements for keeping the body’s immunity intact. Breathing fresh clean air and maintaining low stress levels are also important.


Weaknesses in the immune system can be either congenital or acquired – where it can be caused by outside factors like viral infections, malnourishment, diseases, stress and the aging process. Toxic substances can also wreak havoc with the immune system. Avoiding junk food (with saturated fats and sugars), tobacco, pesticides, herbicides, recreational drugs, antibiotics, and steroids helps bolster immunity. Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs can contribute to a decline in immunity and should be taken with caution.

Immunity care

According to Harvard University’s Medical School, healthy living strategies may promote a healthy immune system.

Take vitamins and supplements

Taking vitamin B6 may help build the immune system, as B6 deficiency suppresses the immune response. Vitamin A also helps protect against infection by maintaining mucosal surfaces and influencing other protective cells in the body. Take a daily
multi-vitamin or natural botanicals known for their immunity enhancing properties can be beneficial, especially when the diet does not provide for the body’s micronutrient requirements.

Eat protein

The 'World’s Healthiest Foods' website suggests that protein deficiencies can deplete immune cells in your body, which renders it unable to produce protective antibodies. Protein malnutrition may also contribute to HIV infection after exposure to the virus.


According to the Harvard Medical School, another way that exercise is beneficial is that it improves the circulation of fluids through our bodies. This allows immune system substances to move through your body more efficiently.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obese and overweight people can build their immune systems by reaching more healthy weight levels. Recent research suggests that obesity is associated with immune dysfunction. Obese people may be more likely to contract infectious illnesses.

Consume antioxidants

Ingesting foods rich in antioxidants provide your body with molecules that can kill unhealthy cells and substances. Colourful fruits and vegetables like strawberries, blueberries and turmeric contain phytonutrients with antioxidant potential.

Maintain zinc balance

Zinc is a dietary immuno-stimulant mineral. Zinc deficiencies suppress immune response cells in the body, and excessive zinc levels can negatively affecting the immune functioning.

Eat fiber

Ingesting dietary fiber from whole foods and vegetables to promote a healthy gastrointestinal system is beneficial. Fiber may build the immune system by helping the body remove toxins that can damage the digestive system.

Consume essential fatty acids

Foods like cold-water fish, flax and walnuts contain essential fatty acids that promote healthy gastrointestinal cells and cellular protective tissues. Essential fatty acids may help build the immune system.

Limit alcohol

The amount of alcohol that causes intoxication may also damage the immune system. Excessive alcohol deprives the body of immune-boosting nutrients and suppresses the white blood cells’ ability to multiply and kill germs.

No smoking

People who smoke are more susceptible to infections like pneumonia and influenza. Smoking may also increase the severity of illnesses and the time that it takes to get over them.

Role of phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are plant-derived, naturally occurring compounds thought to have curative, preventative, and nutritive value. The major immune-boosting components in fruits, vegetables, and herbs are flavonoids and carotenoids, which are antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative damage. Flavonoids have a number of powerful complementary and overlapping effects, including modulation of detoxification enzymes, stimulation of the immune system, reduction of platelet aggregation, modulation of cholesterol synthesis, reduction of blood pressure, and antioxidant and antibacterial effects. Studies indicate that carotenoids may boost the immune system to fight bacteria by increasing the number of white blood cells.

Curegarden’s Natural Daily Defense

Scientists have determined that curcumin, the most active compound of turmeric, provides powerful and wide-ranging immune support for the body.

With age, a number of biological factors contribute to the body’s normal inflammatory activity, including cell-signalling hormone-like messengers and chemicals. In a series of scientific studies, Natural Daily Defense has been shown to support the normal effectiveness of inflammatory factors on health.

By acting on both immune and inflammatory factors, Natural Daily Defense supports a healthy immune system—which is increasingly important as we age—and facilitates a healthy inflammatory response.

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