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Arjuna Natural’s new plant at Cochin

A new extraction unit has been inaugurated at Cochin right next to Arjuna Natural’s R&D Laboratory, adhering to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards right from its construction. The laboratory is spread across an area of 4500 square metres, with clean air circulation, and per day production and raw material handling capacity of 6-8 tonnes.

The plant is designed to minimize the consumption of energy and also to maximize utilization of the consuming energy. The wastes generated during the production processes are completely used as fuel for running the boiler; thereby preventing pollution of the environment through efficient waste disposal.

Since the waste is completely organic in nature, its disposal does not pollute the atmosphere. The new Arjuna plant is one of the best herbal extraction units in India. It is equipped with highly efficient modern technology such as Batch Extractors and Product Dryers

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