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Why you need to add proteins to your breakfast?

add proteins to your breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This is mainly because, this is the first meal you have after a long night’s sleep when your body is low on energy, proteins, vitamin and mineral levels.

Your body needs a protein-rich breakfast because the former is on a journey of renewing itself by replacing old tissues with new ones and is constantly on a process of keeping you in the best shape possible.

If you are thinking of going on a diet, DO NOT skip your breakfast. This is because, researches suggest that skipping breakfast is linked to being obese. Besides this, eating out frequently is also associated with obesity. Skipping your morning meals is also associated with developing chronic diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high blood presseure. So the best option is to prepare your meals from home whenever possible.

Proteins are required for developing and maintaining lean muscle, and hence, it is best to take a protein rich meal which includes eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese and lean meat for breakfast. This also helps you to keep you full for a longer time through the day, and makes you more energetic.

Sticking to foods such as whole-grain cereal and milk, fruits or yogurt or eggs help you gain perfect levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, B6, C, folate and zinc.

Eating a healthy breakfast also helps in maintaining proper blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Studies have found that those who skip breakfast, tend to eat more throughout the day resulting in diabetes and heart diseases.

So it’s time to say yes to a healthy breakfast. What do you say?

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