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Tips to Boost Immunity

Tips to Boost Immunity

What is immunity?

Immunity is defined as the ability of our body to protect us from harmful pathogens. Our body is naturally designed to prevent pathogens and other viruses from entering in. There are basically two types of immunity; innate and adaptive. The former one is referred more often as “Natural Immunity”, it is the front line of defence for your body: saliva, skin, gastrointestinal acids, mucus, hair, etc. comes under this category. The later one is called adaptive immunity, where our immunity system adapts itself to prevent infections. Here macrophages and antibodies are created to attack the pathogen. The whole principle of vaccination is based on the above process.

How does immunity gets damaged?

Our immunity system gets damaged due to the following:

  • Improper lifestyle
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Lack of proper exercise
  • Absence of nutritional food
  • Smoking
  • High alcohol consumption

How to boost your immunity ?

So, what can you do to make our immunity strong again? It's simple, follow these steps:

Eat right: Take in food items that contain more zinc.Include more fruits and vegetables especially garlic, yogurt, and oats, barley, and soups made from chicken stock to get the right amount of zinc in the body.

Drink Green tea: Drink more green tea,as it contains amino acids that boost your immunity. Take a cup of green tea in the morning and balance it with a regular black tea for enhanced effect.

Try Mushrooms: Mushrooms have the ability to improve the overall red blood cell count in your bloodstream and make it more active.

Reduce alcohol consumption: Alcohol can damage your liver as well as lung functions and it in turn, could affect the immune system.

Get some sun: Vitamin D is a most important nutrient that could prevent the cause of many respiratory diseases along with improving the overall immunity of the body. So go out and get some sun.

Don’t light that cigarette: Smoking is an immunity killer, it not only depletes the respiratory system but also kills your immunity slowly. So quit smoking now.

Sleep well: Sleep deprivation can cause the hormone cortisol to shoot up and thereby damage the whole immune system.

Try to stay away from polluted air: Polluted air is a major source of pathogens.Harmful microbes, mercury particles, lead ,soot and other contaminants in the tiniest quantity can cause severe damage to it.

Don’t stress out: Stress can result in lowering the overall cell count of the body , and fewer cells lower the chance to remain immune.

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