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For women pregnancy is a life-altering experience, it affects their physical and mental state and changes the path of their life. Even though giving life to a human being is a noble and privileged process, it can also be hideous and sometimes depressing. So it’s the duty of the paternal side and the medical consultant to provide full support and care for the woman during this period. But that doesn’t mean that women require all the help in the world, there are some things that they could do to make their pregnancy period breeze by. Tips for pregnant women- Have a Healthy diet – Good whole diet is an integral requirement for any pregnant woman. A diet which fulfils all vitamin needs especially Vitamin A, E & C should be provided for women. Make sure to have plenty of fluids and stay away from junk food. Get a good pair of shoes- For reducing stress in the joints, and to control excessive swelling, make sure you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Exercise Better - Get brisk exercise like walking, yoga, swimming for at least 20 mins to make your pregnancy better. Read More about Pregnancy – The best way to be in shape is to know more about pregnancy. Read books, articles and watch pregnancy related documentaries and accumulate more knowledge about it. Maintain a positive attitude – Having a stress free positive environment is a major priority for every pregnant woman. Stress-free life will create a pleasant attitude for your newborn and give a healthy delivery Try DHA -40 – DHA-40 is a health supplement that provides necessary support you and your infant. https://cure-garden.myshopify.com/products/dha-40

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