Redness of Eyes- Causes and its prevention

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Red Eye happens when the blood vessels on the surface of the eye expand. All must have recognised the redness in our eyes from time to time. The reason of the redness implying swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera, the white outer covering of the eye. In several cases, it may be due to irritation, allergies, eyestrain, climate, using contact lenses, dry eyes (especially during winter), swimming, and falling asleep in your makeup. In rare cases, it may become critical. In such cases, it is must to consult a doctor. There are numerous causes of redness. They are as follows.

Conjunctivitis or pink eyes

The condition also called as "pink eye". This condition is witnessed when the conjunctiva gets infected. The infection may make the blood vessels swell which finally leads to redness.

Dryness of the Eyes

The cause of dry eyes occurs when an insufficient quality or quantity of tear is produced by tear gland to lubricate and nourish the eyes. The dryness may be during winter, desert climates and various others. In such conditions, it becomes swollen.

Allergic reactions

When the immune system in the individuals reacts to the strange material, it may deliver histamine. This causes enlargement of the blood vessels in the eye which produces in redness and itching.

Use of contact lens

The irregular or continuous wearing of contact lens may cause irritation to the eyes. Sometimes, it may be due to some other severe infections. Taking the advice of a doctor is mandatory in such cases.

Overuse of Computers

The straining of the eye or operating for hours in front of a computer may have an adverse effect on the eyes. The main reason being we blink less in front of a computer. This may lead to redness of the eye.

Eye injury

Eye injuries may vary from minor scratches to even deep puncture wounds and chemical burns. They are cases of medical emergency.

Infection of the eyelashes

Redness, swelling, crusting, discomfort, and irritation of the eye area along the lash line may be due to several causes. This condition may sometimes become chronic. It is mandatory to take medical advice in such cases.


Stop rubbing your eyes with fingers since the irritants on your fingers may cause more redness and irritations. The candidates using the contact lens must be very careful. It must be used only after following the directions of use suggested by the doctors. Do not stretch up looking at the computer screen continuously. Take breaks in between. Blinking the eyes in regular intervals may give some rest to eyes. Do not use sensitive products or cosmetics which may harm your eyes. Always remove the makeups before your sleep. Protecting our eye from the sun may even help to get rid of redness of the eye.

Treatments for redness of eyes

The cause of the redness may differ in each. It is better to take the help from doctors. The individuals using the contact lens must be very cautious. Allergies and infections must be handled as fast as possible before it becomes severe.

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