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Pregnancy and exercise

Posted on 21-11-17

Between doctor appointments, shopping for baby gear and of course a full-time job, exercising is probably the last thing you want to do. But even a 15-minute walk, can make a whole lot of a difference to you and your baby.

When it comes to exercising whilst being pregnant, there are no established guidelines or conceived notions. A healthy pregnant lady is advised matter of fact, to engage in at least two hours of exercise a day to stay healthy. Body health adversely helps in the development of the foetus.

A pregnant lady must always be mindful of her body and its limitations. As trimesters pass, joints may become stiffer and overall mobility might decrease. But this doesn’t mean she must become totally inactive. The level of strain of the exercises must become easier and sudden movements must be avoided. Like mentioned before, she should just be mindful.

The benefits of exercise to a pregnant lady are numerous. Some of them which are:

1) Physical health
2) Mental wellbeing and calmness.
3) Foetal health

If you’re thinking that the only exercise a pregnant woman can pursue is at home or in a gym, then you’re wrong. Women who were physically active before conceiving can continue with their sport or any recreational form of exercise during pregnancy, keeping in mind her body limitations.
Some sports that can be helpful for pregnant women are:

a) Walking / Jogging
b) Swimming. (Yes. Just no Olympic laps).
c) Cycling (On a stationary bike. Bumpy roads are not advisable)
d) Aerobics.

But like a coin, everything has two sides. If a pregnant lady at any point feels any form of discomfort during her exercise routine, she must stop immediately and cease all forms of exertion. This could be due to intense physical strain. If the discomfort is mild or minimal, then she must just reduce the intensity of the work. Some discomfort that she can feel includes:

-Abdominal pain
-Calf pain or swelling
-Decreased foetal movement
-Dizziness etc.

Keeping in mind all this, a pregnant woman can lead a normal physical life and not remain idle. Because at the end of the day, a healthy body is a happy body.



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