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The word “Diabetes “is now as chronic as the disease itself. With a country having more than 65 million diabetes patients the word has even taken up many forms as well, the most common being “Sugar “. (Since sugar is the major factor in causing diabetes The popular quote “ Prevention is better than cure” is highly applicable to this disease , as a permanent cure in the format of medicine is not currently available in the market. So what is Diabetes?

Our cells require energy to function, and this is obtained through glucose. Glucose is supplied through the bloodstream to the cells ,and excessive supply of it is reduced by insulin, an enzyme produced by our pancreas. Diabetes is defined as the inability of the pancreas to supply the right amount of insulin into the bloodstream.There are many physical indicators to point out that our body is suffering from this condition.They include frequent urination, weight loss,loss of sight,etc. Chronic diabetic patients may go through permanent blindness, kidney failure, and amputation. Early detection is necessary to manage the disease from taking over your life.

These are some tips to win back your life from Diabetes:

Reduce your weight: Get on the treadmill, and sweat out your excess fat. Studies prove the fact that people who reduce their weight are less prone to diabetes as compared to those who are obese.

Undergo regular check up: It is recommended by experts to undergo a yearly checkup to know more about your body’s current condition. Early detection of any disease,let alone diabetes will be advantageous in terms of treatment. Type2 diabetes can also be managed by these check-ups.

Start a Physical activity: Taking up dance classes, spending time on a swimming pool , and brisk walking can reduce the chances of being diabetic.

Stop Smoking: Smoking can make your body immune to the effects of insulin and create further complications for your body.

Don’t stress out: Stress & depression can cause diabetes & other cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep well: Get enough sleep so that your body could reprogram itself and hormones could be well balanced up.

Nutrition: Have a healthy and balanced diet that includes more fiber and natural sugars and avoid sugary soft drinks at all cost.

Drink More water: Drink more water so that It could wash away any harmful contaminants and excess sugar from your body.

Try Gluco Balance: – Natural Gluco Balance is a health supplement clinically proven to reduce and maintain the amount of blood sugar in our body.

Visit our website curegarden.in to know more about it.

So start following the above steps and live a life free from the fear of diabetes.

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