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Living with Migraine – Simple steps to manage the pain

Posted on 26-12-16

Those who suffer from migraine can understand how painful and stressful a migraine attack can be. Studies reveal that migraine attacks could kick start at moderate levels and increase to such levels that can be considered to be one of the worst forms of pain known to medical science.

Migraine headaches can appear as a really strong and throbbing pressure that is excruciating in nature and could last from 45 minutes to an hour or two. While you can take medications to reduce the intensity of an attack, you can also stick to these six principles to help you out better.

  • Retreat to a calm environment

Sometimes, during a migraine attack, you may seem to be hypersensitive to lights and sounds, which could only end up in worsening your headaches. The best way to reduce the severity of an attack is to retreat to a dark and quiet room, where you can close your eyes and relax and wait for the pain to subside.

You can also consider applying some pressure to your head by pressing at the temples or tying a cloth tightly around your forehead. Sometimes applying hot or cold compresses or taking a shower in warm water can relax tense muscles and nerves in your head.

Studies have also proven caffeine to be an excellent pain reliever during migraine attacks. When you sense an attack coming, try drinking a cup of hot coffee as it would definitely bring down the severity of the pain. Also it enhances the pain relieving activity of pain killers such as aspirin, propranolol etc. However, do keep a check on your caffeine intakes as over intake of caffeine may lead to withdrawal symptoms such as withdrawal headaches and fatigue later on.

  • Get proper sleep

Migraines are often triggered by a poor sleeping habits. Encouraging sound sleep can reduce your chances for getting an attack. Given below are some tips that can be useful in helping you to sleep better:

- Fix a proper time for going to sleep and waking up. An adult is required to get minimum six hours of sleep every night. If you are the type of person that takes power naps during the day time, make sure that you keep it short as this could interfere with your sleep patterns at night.

- A cool and relaxing music in the background can help you sleep better. Avoid consuming tea or coffee or even alcoholic beverages before sleep as it would keep you wide awake all through the night.

- Avoid taking your cell phone and laptops to your bedroom as the screens of these devices emit a blue light which mimic the lights of the sun, thus creating a response in your brain to stay awake, as during day time.


  • Improve your dietary habits

Fix a specific time for all your meals. Avoid overeating or skipping meals as they could trigger a migraine attack. Avoid foods that trigger an attack such as chocolate, alcohol, cheese etc.

  • Exercise regularly

While exercising, certain hormones and chemicals are released into the bloodstream that prevent your brain from receiving pain signals. This also helps in alleviating anxiety and depression which are also triggers to migraine. Moreover, maintaining a fit and trim body can reduce the risk of obesity which is also associated with migraines. You may begin with routine exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, before going into vigorous exercises.

  • Cut the stress out

Stress can worsen your headaches, and if it’s during a migraine attack, things could get worse. The more you stay positive, the more stress-free would be your life. Practice deep breathing techniques during stressful moments to help you relax.



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