Joint Pain - Causes and Remedies for Pain Relief

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Adapting a healthy lifestyle is necessary to avoid certain diseases and problems, which usually arise after a certain period in life. A healthy lifestyle will include a good nutritious diet, daily workouts, proper sleep and other healthy habits. Unfortunately at times, the daily hassle and stress of our everyday activities disrupts our lifestyle, which gives rise to a lot of problems with age. One such particularly common irritation is Joint Pain. 

Joint Pain usually occurs, when you settle on a lifestyle that doesn’t include any exercise, lack certain nutrition, sitting long hours on the job, which causes the muscles around joints to become stiff.  Reports say that one-third of the adults in the nation end up having joint related problems in their life span. Joint Pain gives discomfort and irritation in the body's joints, especially in shoulders, hips, elbow, knee and fingers with signs of aches and soreness. It usually doesn’t require the victim to visit a doctor unless it’s caused due to an injury or illness such as arthritis.

What causes joint pain?

A joint is the area where two bones connect, which allows a body part to be mobile. Joints are composed of bones, separated by a layer of cartilage. Usually any damage which occurs to the bone or cartilage causes Joint pain. 

Most common cases of Joint pain are:

  • An injury to the nearby tissues or joint disease can result in joint pain.
  • Swelling in ligaments.
  • Injury to Tendons which attaches muscle with the bone around the joint area.
  • Joint inflammation or Arthritis
  • Infection around the joint area.

Symptoms related with joint pain include:

  • Redness around the Joint area.
  • Swelling of Joint.
  • Joint Tenderness and weakness.
  • Limping.
  • Joint getting locked.
  • Stiffness or Lack of swift movement of the joint

How to treat Joint Pain?

If your joint pain is due to something severe such as prolonged pain even after the usual hot/cold compress it’s highly recommended to visit a healthcare professional. In such cases practicing physiotherapy is necessary. Other severe cases include a chronic disease like lyme disease or tumour formation around joint areas.

Healthy Habits to avoid joint pain

  1. Lose weight: Lose the unnecessary extra pounds as the overweight puts pressure in your joints, especially in knees and hips. Reducing weight will also reduce the stress around your joints and prevent any future damage.
  2. Exercise: Working out everyday does more than helping you with losing weight. Regular exercise helps to maintain flexibility in your joints. Skip the weight lifting workouts and focus more on exercises like water aerobics or swimming that helps to flex your joints without adding further stress.
  3. Good Diet: Start by adding the right fatty acids to your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are overall good for your health and are also known to help avoid stiffness and pain around joints. Another good habit is adding turmeric to your food. It is a popular remedy to avoid joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Remedies for Pain Relief

The most simple yet effective hot and cold therapy is a very popular remedy when it comes to reducing joint pain. To relieve yourself from joint pain, it’s recommended to indulge in long warm showers during the morning. Warm water helps the muscle to relax and remove stiffness in your joints. Whilst Cold treatments are best for relieving joint pain from swelling, and inflammation. For quick relief use an ice bag, pack of frozen items, or wrap an ice gel pack around the joint area.

Consider Natural Supplements

There are many kinds of  supplements and over the counter drugs available in the market that claim to be able to help you reduce and relieve joint pain. It’s best to consult a physician before purchasing such type of meds to avoid any side effects, which later do more harm than good.

 Instead you can choose to take natural supplements from a reputable source. Natural supplements contain no chemicals, hence no side effects. Other practices like acupuncture or meditation can also help you cope up with Joint Pain.



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