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Benefits of Walking

So you wake up and decide to take a cab to your office, because that’s the easy way out and sweat-free. But what you don’t realize is that you are missing a good exercise for your heart.

Probably you have been lazy for a while. No issues. Every little step that you take counts in your journey towards a healthy heart. All you need to do is to start and set a daily goal to achieve. For instance, on your first day, you can set a goal of walking for 30 minutes, and increase your walking duration as the time progresses. You can also split up your walking durations to two times a day.

Another option for those who work are parking at a distance from your office and walking the remaining distance, or taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. You can also settle down to walking on your treadmill at your home or the gym.

If you find walking alone a boring task, bring your dog or friends along. You may even listen to some soothing music while you walk, or enjoy the beauty of the nature as you walk your way towards a healthy heart.

Walking is an exercise that is easy and does not need a lot of equipment. All that you need is a good pair of sneakers, to avoid discomfort while walking. Moreover, it is also the most accessible form of physical activity. It lowers your risk of falling prey to sedentary lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases and stroke. The more people walk, the more their health benefits increase. So put on your walking shoes and start walking!

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