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Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And the response is always something that we can choose.

Though there have been countless studies and proven results that exercises are the best medicines to cure stress; in today’s world, where we need to get involved with every single thing, there remains hardly any time for workouts. Some people binge on chocolates, food, alcohol or shopping as stress-busters which is a big NO-NO to the maintenance of good health. No one denies your right to choose your methods to relieve stress, but in the long run, unhealthy foods, excessive drinking and credit debts can do nothing better to save you, but would only worsen your current state of mind.

One of the major reasons for the increasing levels of stress in our lives is our job. After a stressful and tiring day at work, who would like to walk into a home with a constantly nagging spouse and a couple of cranky kids? No No No. On a personal note, if it were me, I would probably choose to run away than to face this kind of a demanding situation. Stress is not my cup of tea. Nor yours.

To balance the impact that stress has on your life, you should do the following activities:

  • Walk your way to a stress-free life

If your boss has burdened you with a hell lot of work and you are going crazy over the situation, stop the work at once. Get up from your seat and take a walk around. Talk to colleagues. Go outside the office space and breathe in some fresh air. Hum your favourite music as you walk. This would help you to shake off the stress and get back in track.

  • Exercise

As per various researches conducted across the world, it is a proven fact that exercises can bring down the stress levels to great extents. This is because, when you exercise, your body secretes chemicals called endorphins, which in turn react with the receptors in the brain, thereby triggering a positive vibe in your body, similar to that of morphine. This helps in improving your mood and relieving stress, and hence it is recommended by the experts that if you walk daily for 20-30 minutes every day, your stress levels would go down.

  • Schedule your life

It’s always the best to keep your own schedule in your control, because no one knows you better than yourself. If you know that you are not a morning person, avoid scheduling heavy tasks for the early hours. Get all the good amount of sleep you want, have a good breakfast, give a little hug to your spouse and promise your kids chocolates when you return. And the top rule of every day: Keep Smiling and spread sunshine wherever you go!

  • Go Dark!

Dark chocolates have high levels of antioxidants and consuming them would trigger the release of your happy hormones called endorphins. So the next time you feel worn out with all the stress, have a bite of dark chocolate and experience the results of the happy hormones for yourself.

  • Think in terms of the future

If you have an important meeting or an urgent business trip coming up, always plan your itinerary one or two weeks in advance. This would save you from the hassles of delays and stress. So, when you have any spare time, go in for a favourite meal, catch up on how your family’s doing, check your mails - all productive ways to make you not feel guilty of “wasting” your precious time.

  • Don’t burn your head with small twigs

Never allow tiny issues to bother you and ruin your day. If you have made a mistake, accept it, apologize and move on. If you haven’t, try to come in terms of peace. But never ever hold a grudge against anyone or anything at any point of time.

  • Think from a broader perspective

Once when I was a kid, I wrote the letter “E” in a way that looked like a spider. Whatever I did, I just couldn’t get it right. The worst part of this scenario, my friends and teacher made fun of me so much that I cried for weeks. My dad gave me a good piece of advice then, that all these incidents would only make you laugh in the future, there’s nothing to worry about. This piece of advice works well in an office setting too. If something really bad happens to you in your office, think about how it would look like ten years later, and the issue wouldn’t matter anymore. So, don’t get caught up in all those tears. Move on.

  • Get Support

The best option to cope with stress is to talk to someone and let your feelings free. If you still continue to feel overwhelmed with office stress, do visit a stress support group or a trained psychologist.

Remember, it’s never too late to ask for help.

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