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How to manage Cold & Flu?

Treat Colds and Flu

Cold (common cold) and the Flu (influenza) are viral infections that affect both lungs and the upper respiratory system, mainly throat and nostrils. This condition causes our body to secrete excess mucus and block proper air intake. The primary cause of common cold is rhinovirus.

Symptoms of the common cold include –
* Nausea
*Runny nose
*Mucus at nostrils
*High fever
Most patients would recover from common cold within 10 days. If not consult your doctor now.

Symptoms of Flu
• Headache
• Cough
• Sore throat
• Stuffy or a runny nose
• Chills (related to fever)
• Muscle aches and joint pain

How Can Colds and Flu Be Prevented?

• Clean your hands well.
• Stay away from people who have common cold.
• Wear pollution masks if travelling in a two wheeler.
• Do not consume cold food articles like ice-creams or fruit salads that can initiate cold & flu.

By following the above points you can stay away from cold & flu too!!

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