Heart Rate and what it means.

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The human heart beats a total of 2.5 billion times in its entire lifetime. That’s a
lot of synchronous work and order to maintain. But amidst the order, a little
chaos could creep in.
Remember when you walked into your office and saw the work piled up on
your desk and fainted? That wasn’t the shock or the stress! That could possibly
be due to a drop in the blood pressure, and blood supply to the brain is cut off
for a second. This could be potentially dangerous and can lead to heart attacks
in the future. So, don’t be quick to dismiss it.
Every time you look at your IT notice and feel dizzy lose your breath, just
remember that cardiovascular arrhythmia is a condition that doesn’t just go
away. It is caused by the irregular beating of the heart and you must consult a
physician right away.
The problem with the city of Chennai is that there isn’t enough water in the
pipelines. The situation is the same with Cardiomyopathy. A shortage of blood
flow is the direct result of this disorder and can lead to dizziness, fatigue and
even death. And just like mentioned before, there isn’t any preventive
technique for this disorder. If detected, only a medical professional can solve
the problem!
Probably one of the most annoying parts of our life is the arrival of uninvited
guests! The heart feels the same too. Causal organisms such as bacteria and
viruses can cause disorders like endocarditis. So, to be on the safer side, avoid
situations where you are exposed to harmful organisms. In the case of serious
infections, heart failure is a possibility. So, it’s always better to be safe than
sorry in this scenario.
After a long strenuous day at the office, probably sick of getting screamed at
by your boss, nothing can be more relaxing than smoking a cigarette. Pure
bliss, right? But is the bliss worth the possibility of risking atherosclerosis? The
nicotine present in cigarettes can cause the rapid shrinkage of blood vessels as
well. So now ask yourself, was that cigarette worth it?
It’s probably the season of weddings and other events. So, the dying need to get
into shape to fit that beautiful dress of jeans is understandable. But there is a
fine line between dieting and starving yourself. And a poor diet means a poor
heart! Also, you may want to stay mindful of the fact that overeating and high
intakes can lead to different heart disorders as well. So strike a fine balance in
your diet.
After a hard-working week, sometimes all you need to do is just kick back and
enjoy a lazy day. That’s fine. But regular lazy days and bouts of inactivity can
lead to fat deposition and constriction of heart vessels and result in premature
heart conditions. So, stay fit but enjoy those lazy Sundays as well.
There are different conditions and problems that can befall upon your heart.
Some may not be in your hands but many are! So, find that balance between
work and life and live healthily.

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