Effective tips to attain freedom from Joint Pain

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“Prevention is better than cure “- A quote quite relatable to the subject of Joint pain. So what is Joint Pain? And how can we reduce it? Here is everything you need to know about joint pain and effective tips to alleviate it.

Joint pain is caused owing to the sudden damage to your joints due to diseases or accidents. It has the tendency to last for a long time and excessive pain in the joints might reduce the overall mobility of the patient and he/she might be subjected to surgeries and other alternate therapies to get relief.

According to recent medical statistics, about 4 million people suffer from chronic joint pain in this country and most of them come in between the age of 40 to 60. Women are more prone to have joint pain, especially on their knees and hips. Obese children are also being reported to be suffering from this ailment. The best way to outmatch this disease is to prevent it from ever happening to you.

Here are some tips to prevent Joint pain:

Reduce your weight: Your knee joints as like hinges which connect your upper torso to your legs. So lesser the weight of your body, lower will be the pressure applied to your knees. Mathematically, for an increase in every 1 Kg in your weight about 3.5 times pressure is produced in your joints. So reduce your weight and eliminate the chances of being subjected to knee joint pain.

Hot n cold treatment: Apply ice packs at your joints and take warm showers at mornings in order to reduce inflammation in your joints.

Take care of inner thighs: Inner thighs are prime targets for joint pain, so keep them close and tight while sitting.

Do light exercises: Do exercises that put less effort on the joints like squats, quads, and slight strolls over grasslands. These exercises will rejuvenate your joints and make you more mobile.

Make your bones strong: After a certain age your bone strength gets reduced, and this could lead to chronic joint pain and inflammation . So consume food that is rich in calcium like milk, yogurt etc.

Stretch more: Do proper stretch exercises in the presence of a qualified instructor. Do not bend your joints in an angle more than 90 and always maintain a good posture for effectiveness.

Relax more: Your body requires rest every now and then as the lack of relaxation could result in fatigue amongst other ailments. So take proper rest before starting off on any activities.

Learn Tai chi: This Chinese slow dance/ martial art form is designed to reduce stress, joint pain, and induce relaxation. It's easy to master and daily practice will make you less prone towards joint pain.

Get a good massage: A good massage will make your body relax and free up your joints. Find a massage parlour and fix an appointment right away.

Try our Natural joint rescue capsules: With our powerful product BCM-95, an extract from curcumin you can protect your joints and reduce joint pain.

Follow the above steps and you can escape from the clutches of joint pain.

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