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Cardiovascular exercises
Cardio Exercises or “Cardio” is referred to those exercise formats where we try to increase the heart rate and lung capacity. Basically there are a lot of methods to make your heart healthy, but doing cardio is the best way to attain one.

Here are some quick exercise formats that you could do without hitting the gym to make your heart hit the right beats.The key here is to follow the techniques regularly and properly. So here are some techniques -

Run, Run & Run more-

A definite calorie burner, running is a basic cardio exercise that makes your heart go faster than usual.Run for at least 30 mins to get maximum effect out of it.

Burpees –

Burpees is now a regular gym exercise and may remind you of your P.T classes at your schools. It involves movements of your thigh and hand muscles. Do 10 -15 burpees and relax for 15-30 seconds.

Long jumps –

No.. not the Olympics long jump event, but the diluted one where you are supposed to jump and land softly on your feet. Making a round of 20 jumps can make your heart better.


Squats are a great addition to your exercise rooster. It not only increases your heart flow but also strengthens your lower limbs. Squat for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

Mountain Climbers –

This is a high endurance exercise done by mountaineers to get the maximum out of their heart at high altitude conditions. This involves a combination of pull-ups , push-ups and burpees. Try to include this one in your cardio routine.

Jumping Jacks –

This is a cool addition to your exercise list, jumping jacks will induce more blood flow. Do a pair of 10 jumping jacks with 10 sec intervals.

Benefits of Cardio –

• Improved heart health

• Metabolism improves

• Immunity improves

• Reduces the chances of getting diabetes

• Improved hormonal response

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