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Prevention is definitely better than cure. A healthy and well functioning immune system is an asset, especially these days. If you haven’t integrated wellness practices into your life, there is no time like now. Below are a few healthy wellness practices that can give your immunity system that little extra oomph to help it fight  against respiratory illnesses.

Manage your stress. 

It is hard to keep stress under check. What with constant access to news, 9-5 jobs, stock market crashing etc. However, stress also makes you more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. 

Light to moderate exercise is a must to manage stress and build immunity. Starting a yoga practice is beneficial. The merits of practicing breathing techniques like pranayama have been scientifically proven. Taking daily conscious, mindful deep breaths helps to balance the nervous system, reinforces the respiratory system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and can even help activate the lymphatic system, which plays a major role in immune function. Practice breathwork such as naadi shodhana, kapaalabhati and anulom vilom. You can also include five minutes of sun salutation to your yoga practice.

Getting enough rest is also important to manage stress. Along with exercise,  make sure that you get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. 

Giloy Juice : Giloy is a universal herb that helps boost immunity, which has been used and advocated in Ayurvedic tradition for ages. Giloy juice is effective in treating fever, managing diabetes, etc. Highly effective against respiratory problems, giloy juice with its anti inflammatory properties is used to treat coughs, common colds and tonsilitis. 

Cloves : The benefits of clove are numerous. With its high content of vitamin C, It is one of the best foods we can ingest for immune support. They increase the amount of white blood cells in the body, which help us fight off infections. Substitute your daily mouth freshener mints for cloves and reap its many benefits. 

Ginger : Ginger and honey infusion is a tried and tested remedy for cough and cold. With its antioxidant properties, ginger can naturally boost the immune system. Moreover, it is soothing for when you have a sore throat. With an abundance of vitamins, some of which are magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium, ginger helps eliminate cold viruses and has been said to combat chills and fever.

Turmeric : The immunity boosting powers of turmeric are scientifically proven. The superpowers of turmeric comes from one of its major components - its Curcumin content. It’s anti-inflammatory, antiviral and acts as an antioxidant. Though there are multiple benefits of consuming raw turmeric, research proves that our body cannot absorb curcumin effectively from turmeric. 



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