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Binge Eating Disorder

Posted on 26-12-16

For those who love food and wonder why you can’t stop eating though you are already uncomfortably full – here’s a bad news. Have you heard of Binge Eating Disorder? You probably might be going through a binge phase if you are constantly munching on something, even as you read this. Here’s all that you need to know about Binge Eating Disorder.

There are occasions when you gulp down an extra serving of food during feasts or holidays. That is totally okay and normal. You know you could be suffering from Binge Eating Disorder when you constantly want to have second and third and fourth or literally infinite number of servings of food to keep you happy and satisfied.

This disorder develops most commonly in women than in men. People suffering from this disorder often tend to have an obese body image, though slimmer people may also develop the binge.

Some people resort to binge eating as a means of venting out their emotions. In some cases, certain people use food as a means of rewarding themselves. However, to nullify the effects of a binge, some people resort to skipping meals for longer periods, which would eventually trigger another binge.

There is only one major symptom to Binge Eating Disorder. Excessive eating. If you find yourself constantly eating all the while, much more than what other people eat, if you feel that you have no control over how much you eat and later on feel depressed about eating too much, it is pretty much certain that you are going through a binge phase. This disorder is often linked with depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disorders etc.

To overcome this disorder, which is basically psychological, it requires more than just willpower. You need to consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist, who would prescribe you with medications to manage your condition. Yoga, meditation and other exercises also help to resolve this issue to a great extent.



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