Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient Indian art of wellness. It involves a variety of physical exercise format that develops both mental and physical health. Now spread all over the world, yoga has been reported to having many benefits.Here are some benefits of yoga:

Better Body Posture: By practicing yoga every day, your body will attain a better posture.It also prevents the chances of developing muscular dystrophy and other conditions like arthritis. The spinal cord is also given better protection.

Improved Bone Health: Yoga reduces the stress-inducing hormone called cortisol and gives your bones better amounts of calcium and strength.

Blood flow improvement: Improved blood flow and increase in RBC (Red blood cell) count can be attained with yoga. It also improves the haemoglobin levels which carry oxygen to tissues and reduces the chances of heart-related ailments.

Drains your lymph and boosts immunity: Yoga helps in draining lymph intoxication and enhances immunity.

Blood pressure regulation: Savasana (corpse pose) is known to reduce the diastolic pressure by a drop of 15 points. People who practiced yoga for a month has noticed significant changes in their blood pressure.

Peaked Focus: Yoga improves our memory, concentration and reaction time. Studies show that people get higher I.Q levels just by practicing yoga every day for a couple of months.

Better Nervous systems: People who practice yoga happens to have better improvements in their heart and nervous system .

These are some of the effects of practicing yoga. So get your yoga mat and start practicing yoga today.

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