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Nutrition is a primary requirement for any human being. Food is the fuel of our body and we can’t sustain without it. But as time progressed, mankind parted ways with nature and moved on to consume more artificial food products. Colas, burgers, donuts, Pizzas – all made in cooperate run factories and composed of artificial flavors and sugars. And we as consumers acted like a happy bunch who found heaven in those comfort foods.

But our body was not comfortable with this so called “Comfort food“ scenario and soon it started showing signs of aversion in the form of diseases. Reports suggest that the number of diabetic patients has doubled over the past decade, people who suffer from obesity and other chronic disorders are coming up day by day. The effects of consumerism also take a toll on our physical & mental wellness. So how can we turntables and get back our health?? The answer is simple - Eat right.

Eating the right food at the right time is highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors alike. Have a healthy meal three times a day. We can't stress how important breakfast is, it makes or breaks your day according to the things you have for it. Try to have one which covers your protein and vitamin requirements. Top it up with a fruit and there you have a complete meal. Never skip your breakfast as this will disrupt your body’s functioning.

Have at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body clean and flush away any toxins. Follow it up a healthy lunch and a light dinner to establish a firm grip on your health, and skip those happy meals and sugary sundaes. Start eating right today !!

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